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Full of constant action, athletic movement and a variety of skillful throws, ultimate is a 7-on-7 team sport where players advance a 175-gram disc up a football-sized field to score in the opposing team’s end zone. While players cannot run with the disc, they are able to pivot and throw it to a teammate. Turnovers are generated through blocks, interceptions, out-of-bounds throws and violations such as travels and fouls. Major League Ultimate is the world’s premiere professional stage for the sport of ultimate Frisbee.

Who is MLU?

Major League Ultimate

Founded in 2012, Major League Ultimate was formed out of a long held belief in the bright future of ultimate frisbee.

The founders knew that ultimate is played by too many amazing athletes, features too many dramatic moments and produces too many incredible highlights to find itself on the sideline of spectator sports. The MLU consists of eight teams in two divisions. The Eastern Conference is home to the Boston Whitecaps, New York Rumble, Philadelphia Spinners and Washington D.C. Current, while the Western Conference features the San Francisco Dogfish, Portland Stags, Seattle Rainmakers and Vancouver Nighthawks.

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DC Current

The Washington DC Current professional ultimate frisbee team was founded in 2012 and played their first professional Major League Ultimate season in 2013. In 2014 they won the MLU Championship over the Vancouver Nighthawks to cap an impressive 9-1 regular season. The team is committed to continuing this winning tradition and to growing the sport of ultimate through youth development in Washington DC and the surrounding areas.