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(ATLANTA, GA) April 2014 – When a dry grip is a must, GamerGripTM gives you a GAME CHANGING competitive advantage! Introducing GamerGrip, a revolutionary non-slip grip solution that was developed for professional athletes and pro gamers to prevent their hands from sweating while improving their grip during competition.

GamerGrip was created to address the frustrating issue of hand perspiration for athletes and gamers. It blocks and prevents the hands from sweating while giving an advantage to athletes playing most sports. Whether using a golf club, rugby ball, weight bar or game controller, GamerGrip addresses grip limitations that many athletes face when their hands slip on equipment. Golfers love GamerGrip as they get a better grip on their club, truly blocking sweat at the source. As sports become more and more competitive, people are looking for a solution that gives a competitive edge.

“When playing golf internationally, you come up against lots of weather conditions. When it rains, no matter how good your grip is on the club, your hands still slip and it’s the same in the heat, your hands sweat and make it harder to grip. Since using GamerGrip, I can play no matter what the weather conditions may be, knowing my grip will not let me down! GamerGrip is pure genius,” said Professional Golfer Joe Creasey.

When applying GamerGrip, moisture is drawn from the hands, leaving no residue and no mess like with talcum powders and sticky resin. Effects last for up to 4 hours and it works extremely well for those intense competitive moments.

“Owning a Pro-Athlete gym keeps me very focused on using the best equipment and any accessories that
help facilitate a safe, effective workout. I personally use GamerGrip to ensure I have optimum grip for pull-ups and bar work – when lifting heavy weights, sweaty hands can cause the bar to slip and be potentially dangerous,” said Hank Baskett, former NFL player. “I always have a better, safer workout with GamerGrip.”

140218-GamerGripback-cleanGAMERGRIP Features & Benefits

  • 2 fl. oz. tubes
  • $12.95 USD | £10.99 GBP
  • Provides a dry and safe grip for sporting, weight training, gamingand everyday activities when a dry grip is a must
  • Improves Grip
  • Non-Sticky
  • Dries clear and leaves no residue
  • Will not stain clothing or equipment
  • Hands stay completely dry for up to 4 hours
  • Fresh Scent
  • Non-Toxic
  • FDA Approved Ingredients
  • Conforms to the International Rules of Golf
  • Available at select US & UK retailers and online at

About GamerGrip

GamerGrip is the ultimate non-slip grip solution developed for professional athletes and pro gamers to prevent their hands from sweating while improving their grip during competition. GamerGrip is currently being used to achieve superior results in all aspects of professional athletic performance.

All ingredients in GamerGrip have been FDA approved and GamerGrip conforms to the international rules of golf.

GamerGrip Ambassadors

Denis Pugh, Professional Golf Coach, Joe Creasey, Professional Golfer, Dylan Hartley, Northampton Saints Rugby Footballer, Hank Baskett, former NFL player and Team EnVyUs, Professional Gamers

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