Both pro and weekend warriors agree, GamerGrip® gives you a GAME CHANGING competitive advantage! GamerGrip® is a revolutionary non-slip grip solution that was developed for professional athletes and pro gamers to prevent their hands from sweating while improving their grip during competition. GamerGrip® is being used to achieve superior results in all aspects of performance enhancement.


Say goodbye to sweaty palms when using GamerGrip®. The comfort of a sweat-free grip during sports play will give you reason to celebrate after the big game.

If you’re tired of sweaty palms when wearing gloves for sports or household jobs, GamerGrip® will keep your palms dry and comfortable for up to 4 hours.


All ingredients in GamerGrip® have been FDA approved and GamerGrip® conforms to the international rules of golf.

GamerGrip® provides a dry and safe grip for sporting, weight training, gaming and everyday activities when a dry grip is a must.

GamerGrip Control


Whether a rugby ball, weight bar, ultimate disc, golf club or game controller, GamerGrip® addresses grip limitations that many athletes face when their hands slip on equipment. Basketball and baseball players love GamerGrip® as they can get a better grip on the bat and ball, truly blocking sweat at the source. As sports become more and more competitive, people are looking for the solution that gives them a competitive edge.


Professional athletes use GamerGrip® to improve their accuracy when passing the rugby ball, throwing a disc in Ultimate, swinging the golf club or shooting that game-winning basket. In games where slim margins in accuracy can mean the difference in winning the big game and losing millions, that’s when pro athletes count on GamerGrip® for a major advantage.


With GamerGrip®, hands dry clear and stay completely dry for up to 4 hours. Sticky solutions, chalk and powders can be messy, toxic and non-effective. You can feel confident in the consistency of GamerGrip®. This non-sticky formula will not stain clothing or equipment.


GamerGrip® blocks and prevents the hands from sweating while giving an advantage to athletes playing most sports, from rugby to throwing a disc in Ultimate, golf to basketball and gaming to Crossfit; GamerGrip delivers a winning performance. GamerGrip® provides that extra advantage for those clutch moments, advancing players to the highest levels of success for professional athletes.